We aim to provide the highest standards, for which certain requirements need to be fulfilled by our Certified Members to ensure that all graduating students meet our high educational requirements and are equipped with a strong set of skills and knowledge that stems from truth and wisdom.

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Special Entry Category

Respecting Tradition

This is a category for Individuals or Schools/Monasteries/Institutes who have studied Yoga in the Traditional way in the Guru Shishya Parampara, under the discipleship of a Guru, Master or an Institution/Monastery and may not have studied in the hours System. If you think you fall under this category, please email us on with a brief bio along with the details of the level of certification you wish to apply for and we will get back to you. An interview and screening process will then follow to determine if standards are met.

At World Yoga Federation, we understand that in the Traditional and authentic way of studying Yoga, subjects may often be interwoven and integrated over the following categories. Often, different traditions have different focus points and approaches. We respect these and welcome the diversity in teaching methodologies and approaches.