Grand Master Yoga Teacher


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Upon Certification, the individual is certified to conduct Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Train and Certify 500 Hour, 200 Hour & 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

This is a statement of acceptable ethical and professional behaviour by which all certified Schools must pledge to abide by, conducting the School/Centre in a professional and ethical manner.

Training Standards and Requirements

For Experienced Masters/ Monks with several Years of experience in addition to 500 Hour Certified Teacher Training or equivalent Training. Granted only by personal interview with our Senior Panel or through our mentorship programme. For heads of Institutions and very experienced Yogis. Must have in-depth and practical knowledge of Yoga and Yogic concepts

If you are an Experienced 500 Hour certified Teacher and want additional training and development to help you achieve the Grand Master Standards, contact us

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Feel free to Contact Us and help us understand how you meet our standards for authentic Yoga Teachers or Schools.


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