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"One-time Payment for life-time certification" Does this mean I pay only once for life-time registration?

Yes! No annual renewal fees and life-time membership. You pay only once and you remain certified there after. This applies to all our certifications.


The school I've completed my training with is not registered with WYF. Can I Join?

Sure! Just contact us, and our team will guide you through the process.


Do I need to register as a school to offer Yoga Teacher Training Programs?

In order to get your Yoga Teacher Training Programme certified by WYF, you will need to register as a Certified Yoga School or you will need to run your training with a WYF Certified Yoga School. Your Yoga Teacher certification enables you to teach at the relevant Level in a Certified Yoga School.


How do I know which level of certification I am eligible for?

Check out our Levels and Standards page for details. If you still are not sure or need any kind of assistance, please contacemail contact@worldyogafederation.us or contact us, and a member of our team will guide you.


I am registered with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance Professionals or another accreditation Body. Can I still join WYF?

Yes. We welcome all authentic Yoga Teachers and Schools irrespective. A lot of our members are already part of such organisations. We welcome all author


Do you have a mentorship programme or any kind of support of guidance for Yoga Teachers?

Yes. This is done through Grand Master Yoga Teacher Programme. Teachers who join this programme will have the benefit of learning and being under the mentorship of our Founder, Swami Vidyanand and will receive personal guidance and support for their unique circumstance, will expanding their knowledge and depth in Yoga. A great opportunity to draw from his 50 plus years of experience in the field of Yoga and Meditation.


I am an investor and want to setup a Yoga School/studio. What kind of support can I receive?

We can definitely help you with the right guidance for operating as a Yoga Services provider in your region. We offer a range of support from finding the right teachers, getting a Franchise and even setting up your Studio/School. Contact Us and our team will provide you with more details about this.