E- 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher


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Upon Certification, the individual is certified to conduct Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Train and Certify 500 Hour, 200 Hour & 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

This is a statement of acceptable ethical and professional behaviour by which all certified Schools must pledge to abide by, conducting the School/Centre in a professional and ethical manner.

Training Standards and Requirements
Standards include, but are not limited to the following OR Equivalent Training in any Tradition or Teaching:

For those who have completed a 500 Hour or equivalent training and have significant experience in Yoga Teacher Training – Certifies you to Train and Certify 100, 200, 500 Hour Teachers and Conduct Classes and Workshops

In addition to have met out
500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Standards, the E-500 CYT must satisfy our assessment panel that he/she has signigicant experience in leading several Yoga Teacher Trainings and has in-depth knowledge and ability to lead a 500 CYT Course

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Feel free to Contact Us and help us understand how you meet our standards for authentic Yoga Teachers or Schools.


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